Machida, Touko Script, Series Composition. After giving Toru’s group the location of the other Heroes, Claudia bids them farewell. The others agree to help her and they drive off to their next destination. Vivi and Nikolai are forced to fight Alberic, who doesn’t recognize his comrades. While Chaika befriends the princess, Toru, Akari and Fredrika have suspicions about the group. On the plus side, there’s still plenty to enjoy here. Frederika was only able to find and catch Chaika and Akari in the fog, thus leaving Toru to suffer from the magic. May 20, [11].

After managing to make it to the secret island, Chaika and company find themselves in another predicament as they are captured and locked up. Curse of the Crimson Elixir Fullmetal Alchemist 3: September 20, [19]. September 6 – 12 Anime Releases Hanaukyou Maid-tai: Layla, seriously injured, makes her way to a dying Ricardo so that they can die together. Theron Martin has the details. Toru and his companions enter along several other familiar faces. Meanwhile, the Council contemplates a direct attack on Hartgen.

Back at their vehicle, Chaika reveals her true origins to Toru, Akari and Fredrika as well as her determination to continue her quest. Edit Anime Information What would tbe like to edit? Despite the revelations of her true origins, Chaika resolves to continue her quest to gather’s Arthur’s remains.

Akari and Fredrika sneak into the castle to steal the Stephan’s remains only to encounter a group of Chaika warriors led by Shin and captured. Nov 20, JST Sorry, this video is not available to be embedded. The Dragoon then reveals that Dominica died shortly after the war ended but due to their close bond, she was unable to forget her master.

Viktor reveals the awful truth to the Chaikas that there never was a Princess Chaika and all of the girls who claim and look like Chaika are actually young girls orphaned from the war who were brainwashed and given skills as part of Arthur’s plan to gather his remains. Hartgen’s fighting tournament kicks off in this episode, though aventing action scenes feel more like the opening act than the main event.

Despite Chaika offering to use her memories as a substitute magic fuel, Toru refuses after learning Chaika loses her memories after using them.


January 18, [17]. This, however, is t Heaven’s Feel – II. As the Council of the Six Nations discuss battl they should launch an attack on Hartgen, Konrad is informed about the situation there while the pairs composed of Chaika and Toru, Boghdan and David, Akari and Fredrika, and Vivi and Nikolai advance to the next stage of the tournament, oblivious to batle fact that Stephan is aware of their presence and is making arrangements for them to fight each other.


The Chaikas must now form together in order to survive.

Meanwhile, with the Council now taking the Chaika threat more seriously, Konrad orders the Gillett Corps to continue their mission with Nikolai promoted as Captain of the Corps after Alberic’s death. Mima, Masafumi Sound Director. Sign up now to stream Chaika – The Coffin Princess: She is about to shoot Chaika but is distracted by Guy, allowing Chaika to shoot her with her Gundo sniper rifle. She is taken aboard the Soara and helps Toru, Chaika and Fredrika get in, unaware that Vivi and Zuita have sneaked in as well.

Even with the truth about their origins revealed, Red Chaika refuses to believe it.

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He tells Chaika to never forget her memories, both good and bad. Akari is brought before the wizard, Grad Lancia, and Ricardo, the Duke’s youngest son, who reveals that he killed his father and family himself. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use chika Privacy Policy. Add characters for this episode.

Unfortunately, Chaika’s coffin is drawing unwanted attention, so Toru wraps it in cloth. Paul Jensen also covers anime and manga at SharkPuppet. Forum Discussion 68 replies.

Returning cffin their vehicle with Red Chaika, where Fredrika is waiting for them, Toru and Akari plan their next meeting. The eight warriors who killed Emperor Arthur Eppisode and split his body among them. With all of the remains gathered, Black Chaika “consumes” the remains and starts giving birth with Guy’s help, who reveals he is a magic mechanism to ensure the remains would be gathered.

After bribing her with food, Red Chaika reveals her name to be Chaika Bohdan, and also claims to be Emperor Arthur’s daughter. Toru and comrades rescue Julia, for which she and her companions are grateful. Free 7 Day Trial. As they prepare, the group realizes that there is something strange about Dominica since she didn’t recognize Chaika, despite being one of the Eight Heroes.


The main characters steamroll their way through a generous supply of generic baddies, gathering red armbands to qualify for the avengong round. April 19, [18]. The next day, Avenying asks Dominica for Arthur’s remains. Eventually, the two groups agree to a prisoner exchange and the two Chaikas meet each other face to face.

March 17, [27]. ActionAdventureComedyRomanceFantasy. August 21, [29]. A two-season anime adaptation was produced by Bones. During the end of the war, the Eight Heroes learn one of Arthur’s officials escape with Arthur’s hidden fortune and most of his magic research work to a secret island, and despite the Council attempts, they could not find the island or Arthur’s magic research.

Claudia congratulates the group by hosting a tea party to celebrate. Chaika, Toru, Vivi and Nikolai arrived in an arena watched over by Alina, Irina and Black Chaika, who orders them to fight certain opponents. On rejoining their companions, Vivi and Zuita learn of Alberic’s death.

In the aftermath, Alberic, now the new chief of the Kleeman Agency, reports to the Council of Six Nations that Arthur’s plans were thwarted, Niva is under their custody and claims all of the Chaikas died. Guns come in all shapes and forms, but sometimes you need a little something more than a simple bullet to deal with arcane and mystical threats against humanity. Elsewhere, Layla leads Chaika to a room where she reveals that she knows who Chaika is. Alicization’s second act gets underway with this novel, which covers a major turn in the story just ahead of the anime’s current pace.

Even though the villagers killed the bandits responsible, Jasmine’s death deeply affected Toru, and shaped the man he is now. We’re always adding new content. The actors are all in place, and it’s well past time to start the show. As Chaika, Toru and Akari try to find a way to beat Claudia, elsewhere, Red Chaika and her group defeats another Hero, Glen Donkervoort, acquiring Arthur’s right arm and heading towards an island as suggested by their informant Guy.