This simple appearing watch is anything but, and actually represents years of development, six new patents, and innovation in not only high-frequency calibers, but also magnetism and materials, all in a thin elegant case with welded lugs and an engine-turned dial that is true Breguet at its very core. While the reference number is , that is not the number you’ll find on the dial of the watch. No clue if that is possible. This is not only due to the superb design. The movement is stable, precise, protected and should be reliable because of the low level of frictions in theory, only time could tell us if we are right or wrong. I noticed in the article you said the 10Hz writing could be removed? These silicon parts, including silicon balance spring, pallet-levers, and escape wheels, allow Breguet to push the watch to 10 Hz.

Mobile Apps iPhone iPad Android. While the 10 hertz beat rate has been seen before in another Breguet, what we’ll discuss here is totally revolutionary. The hours and minutes are off-center on the dial, while the small seconds at 12 o’clock recall the first eccentric dial produced by Breguet years ago. The escape wheel, pallet fork and hairsprings — there are two balance springs — are all made of silicon. The watch is very svelte, with the welded lugs holding your wrist nicely. For Breguet, high frequency does not come at the expense of the power reserve. Okay, on to the movement. It is very often the case that innovative or “concept” watches are released as only halo pieces to be shown at trade shows or as highly priced, very limited editions.

Add that to the silvered ring, two not-so-secret signatures, and a few superfluous labels I’m looking at you “10 Hz” and you have a really busy dial.

I think some of it has to do with the fact that Swatch views Breguet as the jewel within the group of brands and they are fearful of over-exposure. What that translates to is a beat rate of 10 hertz. For some strange reason, the name Breguet doesn’t usually make an appearance. However, the combination of 3 small chronomftrie almost invisible features creates a spectacular technological progress:.


Breguet 7727BR/12/9WU

High-frequency escapement 10Hz composed of a magnetic balance with double balance spring, lever and escape wheel in silicon. With all that, it’s easy to forget any lapses in fine finishing. I think it could be a wonderful platform on which Breguet chrinometrie build fantastic, innovative, collector-oriented timepieces. What we see are two end stones with powerful micro-magnets about 1. One of the magnets is actually stronger than the other, so one end of the staff touches the end stone while the other “floats” just above the other bregurt stone.

Okay, on to the movement.

Classique Chronométrie | Breguet

And while the dial is a little busy for my taste, it is well balanced. Introducing The Swatch Flymagic. The watch is very svelte, with the welded lugs holding your wrist nicely. The case is slim, with soldered lugs and a fluted case band. When most watch folks think of the best and brightest in high-end watchmaking today, we most often mention names like Patek Philippe, A.

It is one of the 2 reasons stopping me from getting the watch, that and the narrow gaps between the movement plates. Also, without silicon, you don’t get to see that balance wheel going nuts on the rear of the watch and that cool spinning hand on the front.

The balance spring, chroometrie lever, and escape wheel are made of silicon, which allows the to beat at 10 hertz.

And it also provides a striking contrast with slow pace of the regular seconds hand. Let’s get into what I mean.

Breguet is here to play, and produce absolutely fascinating watches today. The watch case is 41mm wide and relatively thin.

Because the hairspring and escapement are in silicon, they are not effected by any magnetic fields. Number of recommendations from other Chrono24 dealers: Hand-wound movement with running seconds. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Item description Did the item correspond to the pictures and description?

The magnets function as a sort of anti-shock device: As expected from Breguet, the guilloche dial is beautifully done. This hand takes two seconds for one full rotation, and it’s actually on the escape wheel of the movement.


The 10 hertz concept was first used in the Type XXII chronograph some years ago, and the results showed that this chronograph experienced dramatically improved time keeping performance on the balance and spring. Do you have any questions?

Breguet Chronometer “10Hz”, Silver Dial – Rose Gold on Strap

And, while I’ve known all of the above since the day this watch was announced and certainly held the piece in high regard, I have seen and currently see dozens of amazingly technically innovative 10hhz come out just to find out they are terrible on the wrist.

Mobile Apps iPhone iPad Android. US – New York. A higher frequency means greater inertia in the balance wheel, and consequently more stable timekeeping. Maybe a little like a tourbillon? The top endstone of the features a micro-magnet that hold the balance staff in artificial gravity. What the DR is not is perfectly finished.

It has 60 hours of power reserve and a silicon watdh spring and escapement. Keeping your purchase safe and secure Trusted Checkout: That’s fine, and even expected, because that is how A-L Breguet himself built watches. Sell your watch quickly and easily on Chrono24 Sell a watch. If the numbers don’t match then according to Breguet the watch is not authentic. For Breguet, high frequency does not come at the expense of the power reserve. Instead I found a brsguet that is innovative, creative, and thoughtful — a company that can produce a watch that does this: With the Trusted Checkout, Buyer Protection, and Authenticity Guarantee services from Chrono24, your purchase is completely protected — from ordering to delivery and beyond.

To put that into perspective, that is double the oscillation rate of the famously high-beat Zenith El Primero. Want to sell a 10hs watch? The dial chronometroe ornate, as we’ve come to expect from Breguet.

And you know what?