Werewolves Lair Map M Redcliffe Castle Map M Be careful, because the area is being guarded by wild sylvans and the trees will be coming back to life whenever you get close to them. Originally posted by zonker Do you already have an account? Before you go into it, go into the little side room next to it. Talk to some of the civilians and when you’re ready you’ll return to [ Brecilian forest – Dalish camp ] where other elves will greet you M41, 1 and promise their help against the Plague.

Really helped a lot. Wait for the beasts to show up and kill them before dealing with the next group. City elf Origin 4: You can also use War Cry with Superiority for knockdown or archer’s Scattershot for stun. Spells like Paralyze or even Force Field will work if you just want to lock him down while you wittle down the other undead. I would recommend that you encourage enemy archers seen nearby to chase you to the previous corridor.

In return you’ll receive a mixture which will start working automatically, allowing you to get past a magical barrier in the forest.

Cant Beat Skeletons in Werewolf Lair :: Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition General Discussions

Originally posted by zonker It’s a good thing, because these monsters won’t deal a lot of damage and they’ll be relatively easy to kill. Get to the only bridge leading to the eastern section of the map M42, 3 and you’ll ruiins trigger a conversation with Swiftrunner. Search the rooms and then head down the steps.

Arl Eamon’s Estate Map M Where in the elven ruins is the arcane warrior specialty? Put potions on your hotbar and hprror them if available even with Wynne and Morrigan healing. Do you already have an account? Get rid of all nearby trees aside from the Grand Oak M42, 6.

That’s usually what my strategy usually devolves into It may have been designed for Mage-type enemies, but it works for undead and darkspawn as well.


Boss level Arcane Horror in Brecilian Ruins. Vulnerability Hex + Mana Clash took care of that.

Breaking the ward makes him flip again. Examining it should reveal a trapped soul. Head south M46, 3 and it won’t take long until you meet the Gatekeeper. Get in and kill the six skeletons. That will eliminate any friendly fire damage from AoE mage spells too. You should have an ample supply of resistance potions, use them on whoever is getting bombarded.

Start off by talking to the Gatekeeper M46, 4. Then when all the trash was bercilian I put bows brecillian everyone and chipped away till he died. Wait for Zathrian to ask for your opinion and choose the first or the second dialogue option from the list to side with the werewolves. Abandoned Brecikian Map M This sucks but I had to take the “Easy” way out.

Once we cross the floor, a dragon will come down and land. Having Zathrian to join the battle at your side is a crucial thing, because he’s a powerful mage and he’ll help you in defeating the werewolves. Set all of them to ranged and took it down from the stairs. Besides the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from supporting a good cause, you’ll also get a significant number of ever-expanding perks and benefits on the site and the forums.

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough – Nature of the Beast – Ruins

It would be a good idea to save your progress before using the stairs. It just stood there and took it. The game starts in the eastern section of the ruins M44, 1 and you’ll be moving west. That way the skeletal minions are forced to squeeze through the narrow opening to get to your party. Market District Map M I just beat it easily, using my character a warrior, who has really good archery skills and Morrigan healing me.


Rogues should set up Dirty Fighting to be used when surrounded. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Is this it, am I doomed here? This question has been successfully answered and closed.

When you come to the big room, you should stop at the entrance and wait.

Normal mode can go from a breeze to impossible in minutes! Your rogue should call out a lot of traps if you give them a moment to look. These skeleton brexilian and then right after Zatharian basically summons a forest I beat him easily.

Click on a small pool in the center of the room M45, 9 and you’ll travel to [ Brecilian forest – Werewolves Lair ]. During this conversation you’ll have to convince the leader of the beasts that she should invite Zathrian for a peace meeting and to ask him to lift the curse. You can also consider using traps, especially by placing them in narrow passageways. The best way to get rid of this monster is to attack it with your archers horrro with your mages from a safe distance.

Caridin’s Cross Map M Lure whatever spawns upstairs to prevent the archers in the two nearby rooms from aggroing.

When you engage arcane horror, one bgecilian the four mini circles will light up. Just ride it out and search the area. Spells like Paralyze or even Force Field will work if you just want to lock him down while you wittle down the other undead. Go into the big hall and kill the corpses and skeletons at the top.

You’re going to be stopped by Mithra upon your arrival in the [ Brecilian forest ].