When Shu meets with the others, a war breaks out between the Black Shadow robots now with their shadows upgraded into Type-2 led by Lt. When Amethyst Dragon starts to attack them, it is destroyed by Rosekstan’s Sleipnir airship as Jiro arrives. Shu manages to defeat some of them as Hildegard arrives. After being freed by Zola, Marumaro finds the citizens and Nene’s minions. Jiro has trained himself to become a good warrior and is not interested in joining Shu in his quest or wanting his shadow Minotaur awakened. Kluke brings out her Phoenix Shadow to use its barrier to protect everyone enough for Shu to use Blue Dragon to destroy the giant robot. Trial of the Seven Shadows on vizanime. As Shu starts to charge Amethyst Dragon, Conrad uses his sword to block the attack emitted from the arrival of Hildegard and Fagino.

Noi starts to tell everyone about the Investiture Beings’ city. The dream is soon disrupted when Marumaro’s girl-chasing activity results in the butterfly’s destruction. Vermillion later reviews about recent events with Dr. Kluke then receives a necklace and rejoins Shu and Co. Gilliam is shown recuperating at Castle Des La Teste and recovers quickly in a plot to take revenge on Zola. Meanwhile, Bouquet and Marumaro have met up with Kluke at the area where Primella’s vision of her took place.

During their search for Jiro, Shu runs across news of a small war about to happen between a Rosekstan sub fleet led by Captain Varenko and a small band of resistance led by Captain Crester one of the surviving members of Grand Kingdom. Meanwhile, Delphinium and Matilda engage each other in battle which ends with Matilda having Zephyrus teleport her away from Delphinium and Deathroy.

Lotarus states that the Dragon Scale tests were done by Mikhail and that Mikhail hlue been watching him. Her shadow Hippopotamus is weak in combat, but can shapeshift.

She engliwh managed to give them directions on where Jiro and Kluke are residing.

Conrad, Griz, and Daner face the two Investiture Beings in unarmed combat. As Conrad tfnkai Legolas lead thousands of men to hunt down the remainder of Gran Kingdom’s forces, Zola finally returns and tells them that they will be heading to the Sealed Grounds. Eposode Shu has Blue Dragon punch the artifact on the wall, he is sucked in.


After Crester n defeated, Shu, Bouquet, and Marumaro learn about the ‘Dragon scales’ Mikhail handed out which can grant miraculous powers to the user. The power surge of Blue Dragon’s battle with Valkyrie results in a power surge that breaks the glass that’s holding the pages.

A young boy named Shu is obsessed with becoming a Knight Master’s apprentice after he hears that one has appeared in his village. General Logi in the meantime is interrogating Kluke in his castle. Shichu the battle progresses, Rudolph’s war machine decimates most of the Rosekstan fleet. Homeron manages to gain some information and prevent the Norg from crashing. Shu has a dream of a mysterious girl telling him to save the world.

Two years after the world blur freed from darkness, a young dragon escapes from a castle. Noi comes with a plan which involves Bouquet splitting from Blue Dragon and merging with Saber Tiger.

The airship unleashes their armored warriors who bring out their artificial shadows to attack.

Noi manages to get into the database when Lotarus in her dragon form arrives. General Logi, Andropov, and Schneider make an attempt to study the darkness unleashed by Zola and find a way to combat it. They then end up back at where the scene of their mirage occurred in which it was all a dream. When Lotarus manages to get Hildegard’s elongated head, arms, and tail stuck, she is caught by surprise by the emergence of Hildegard’s second head.

Before leaving, Fagino gave him a Dragon Scale. Before getting down to business, she informs the group dragin Rosekstan’s capital Albarose was destroyed throwing the world in chaos.

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With Xie wounded, Jiro decides to use Minotaur to fight Hildegard. Delphinium allows Gilliam to take the type-three models of the Black Shadow robots with him.


Noi assumes his dragon form and tries to fight Rudolph, but to no avail. Meanwhile at their floating city, the Investiture Beings discuss about the war between the White Guardians and the forces of Rosekstan.

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Noi manages to find a way out which they escape through. It doesn’t go well when their disguise eventually fails.

Besides stating that he is looking for Kluke, Shu tells Andropov about what happened to Albarose tnkai that General Logi’s whereabouts are unknown. Rudolph then leaves after that. With some persuasion from Shu and the others, Bouquet and Hippopotamus shapeshift their way onto the airship that Primella is on. Shu manages to have Blue Dragon use his Blue Explosion attack to cover his retreat. Mikhail leaves thereafter, before warning Shu that the fate of the world lies in the choices episoed and his friends make.

As they leave, Linda appears to say goodbye to Noi. They were pursuing it till it landed on mountains.

Things weren’t looking good for Bouquet and Hippopotamus. After catching up, Zola tells them to lure Marumaro into the canyon.

News of Fagino’s destruction reaches the other Investiture Beings.

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Homeron informs Shu and Co. However, Andropov has Alubujem use its remains to form a crystalline dhichi around Kluke. Nene combines the Chimera clones to form one large Chimera.

Tarkovsky which is overheard by Delphinium and Deathroy. Shu unleashes Blue Dragon and checks it out. Surviving Chimera’s attack, Zola unleashes the true power of Killer Bat as it changes color and gets much faster.