It reveals certain facts that were left out in the previous arc, and leaves you with new questions. Iron Wolf Saber wrote: You have the above-the-fold content properly prioritized. I’ve watched attack on titan and sao religiously was very sad when it was over Have you watched Summer Wars? Learn more about sizing tap targets appropriately.

I would rage if I don’t find it in dub. Learn more about sizing tap targets appropriately. Sora no Woto, huh? It’s all about outmaneuvering your foes without fighting them, and trying to create a form of government in a world lacking order. Learn more about optimizing images. You guys are all watching Little Busters.

Sword Art Online is still in the air. Anime has a ton of good romances though, just go to Animehere. I’m starting to think that it’s imgur’s fault. XD Stee far I have download about 20 anime but never had the chance to watch it all. Episode 4 of little busters: Configure the viewport Your page does not have a viewport specified. He is also kinda heartless when it comes to strategy, which I like especially since he isn’t aware of the fact that he is literally a “Devil with glasses”.

Boxing and street fighting.

The Law of Ueki Series

Stein is a badazz by the way. But now you know what I mean about the backstory. Another good one I’m going through right now is soranowoto. List was originally for a friend so it excluded titles he had already seen.

DUST Search – List of good animes

I’m far enough in to episdoe understand how it works. Some more good animes: Who’s gonna be the first to snap? Your page does not appear to use plugins, which would prevent content from being usable on many platforms.


I loved the adorable scenes in Chobits, and halfway through SAO Trying to avoid spoilers, but you guys know what I mean. Schooldays I haven’t seen but will check out.

I use animecrazy a lot, they’re best for subs though select the crazy Joe versionthey do dubs too, though god knows why, subs are the way to go. SAO 2 is confirmed Here is to hoping it does not suck nearly as bad as season 2 The novel was wayy better. But in Code Geass’ defence it was an incredibly entertaining bad. A Digimon Adventure except for Mimi, never did liked her voice and have to hand it off to Pokemon, they did an all right job with the English dubs.

Read the review on MAL, and I think it seems interesting. Girl discovers his dark secret. Your images are optimized.

Watch The Law of Ueki Series in English Dubbed Online

Howmany are gonna want a red MTAC and prays that it goes 3 times faster? Venefice Amarr Empire The only problem is every time I try to get one of my friends to watch kill la kill they sgogun pass it off as hentai.

I don’t advertise mainstream anime – everyone knows them. Configure a viewport for this page. Blu ray releases are waay to overpriced. I rather liked it: If you are gonna watch the series There are several connected animeswatch Railgun first, then Index, and then Index II. Beautiful animation quality – like Tari Tari. It doesn’t bore you though because they change the screen alot to make give it more I still have dteel soft spot in my heart for The Devil Lady, as cheesy as it was.


I’ve watched attack on titan and sao religiously was very sad when it was over Think of it as a slow intro into Index, which then takes off on it’s own story.

Kiki’s Delivery Service had 2 versions, one with the original style box art, and one with Disney up at the top the image was different too. Is this world a fake, a dream of Riki’s, possibly Rins?

Website review

Ive watched the anime K and guilty crown recently both were really good. You can’t say you don’t like it and refuse to watch it till you’ve at least finished episode 3. Works cause the stories are independent.

And I DO hate both for censorship.

Out of anything I’ve watched, played, or read. They tried to stay true to the manga style – it’s an artwork that’s done Muyzaki Films well so they veyblade it a shot. Soldier Sorajord ShootBreakStab The first arc is focused on the MC, while arc 2 is focused around the twin sister of animeragio supporting character.

The three I highlighted are really good! They only have the movies: It’s a giant mystery anime, and it’s really good.

I know what I will be watching in between Log Horizon. It’s about Boku Lol. Why have samurai girls and censor everything?