Everyone comes to show support for Gingka, even Kyoya. With help once again from Kyoya, they break down the doors and head inside, for what will be a long battle to the top. Gingka has a nightmare that he is fighting Ryuga again, but he is still as powerless as before, and he has to watch as his Storm Pegasus gets completely annihilated by Lightning L-Drago. Kyouya wins his match against Hikaru as Tsubasa wins his against Benkei. Battler Bladers has begun and everyone is winning their battles with ease. First, we have Kyoya, and then next up is Gingka! Until then, run, run, run away!

Kenta even introduces Ginga to his fiends and tells them about his feat to defeat the Face Hunters. Hagane, seeking a scroll written by an old bearer of Pegasus. The Dark Nebula get a shock as Tsubasa, whom they have been watching, appears at their headquarters demanding to join. L-Drago began to glow. L-Drago charged at Eagle, but Eagle dodged it again. Meanwhile Doji comes across Ryuga who is anxious for more power and knows where to get it. Kenta is willing to sacrifice everything for Gingka, but then the latter turns up, claiming he couldn’t leave his friends behind. L-Drago pushed Eagle back.

The next assult is coming up fast! This vision makes him extremely nervous, which considerably weakens his launch. I hope he knows what he’s doing. As Hikaru and Kyoya’s match begins, the others, who were busy fpisode Gingka, realise they’re last and in their haste bump into Yu.


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Tobio had an early advantage, but in the end Ketal triumphs with his special move. Gingka and Kenta discuss this challenge. However, as Gingka is ready to complete the “final retaliation,” L-Drago again pours all its power into Ryuga, mutating him partially into a dragon, nothing like himself, but more masculine, fusikn with glowing red eyes without pupils, and two purple trickles of fumes from his mouth, as well as a ripped vest, no cape, pointier nose, pointy teeth, lots of popping out veins, darker hair, and his voice combined with L-Drago’s, showing that Ryuga was not himself.

The crowd cheered for Tsubasa. Throwing your future away after someone worked so hard to save it.

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Everyone is entering, even Hyoma, Hikaru and Madoka. The Magnificent Aries and Ma But as the battle goes on, Yu reveals himself to be the one who has knocked many of the competitors out of the competition with ease, and refuses to be taken down.

I hope you can do that mutch. After the tournament, all the friends part ways. He would like to have fusiin match with counteratttacks because he thinks he stands a better chance now that he slightly improved his bey.

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Gingka vs Kyo As well as Minette and her Venus Leone. Even Eagle’s wide defense performance tip is no help against a power like that! Falling into a trap set by Doji, Tsubasa sees his chance to swipe information from the Dark Nebula database.


Then Kenta’s friend Sora turns up and they begin secret training to beat Busujima.

He eventually shows up for his battle after some backup from Kyoya. Kyoya, after being aided by Madoka, drops out leaving Gingka and Yu left to battle. Is Ryuga also planning to whip this battle out?

I won’t make the same mistake again. Tobio, nicknamed Captain Capri, and his bey Storm Capricorn. Four matches are going on in the tournament. Daaku Nebyura no shiro ” Japanese: Epiisode actually did it!

I’ll know if i coutnerattacks his battle, right? Back in the city, Kenta is crying from hearing this tragedy, and he understands why Gingka passionately hates Ryuga. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The others become worried about Hikaru’s match against Ryuga that puts her in a coma. Don’t give in, Tsubasa!

Kenta and Nene ran through the hallway looking for Yu.

Eagle deffinantly has the upper hand! If i can affectively use counter stance, i should be able to stop L-Drago.