However, better than any performance, and more amazing then any flawless characters or plot, is the concept of a human being thinking up such an absurd idea as the imagination behind the beauty of “Being John Malkovich. Insanely brilliant and brilliantly insane. He has some hard scenes where Craig controls him while inside his mind, which requires great skill to perform. It is tucked away, hidden acutely well in a dark corner, which is found mysteriously by accident when Craig droops a paper behind the cabinet. What does it feel like to be inside someone else’s skin? In fact, there’s never been anything quite like it. And the performances are absolutely first rate all around.

Everything about it is labyrinthine, intriguing, and very funny. What happened in that dark theater? No, really, that’s what happens. See Being John Malkovich, because come Oscar time, you’re going to want to know why its winning! I obviously can’t give all the credit for this to director Spike Jonze; Charlie Kaufman is the genius that wrote this insanity. I want to be John Malkovich. All hail Spike Jonze for he is a genius.

The two end up having a femininity sexual relationship while one is entrapped in the mind of Malkovich, and the other experiences the actual Malkovich. Belng comes through with one of the best characters he’s malkobich done; there’s an edgy, quiet intelligence to Craig, a Bohemian at heart, with a wife, Lotte Diazand an apartment full of pets snakes, birds and a chimp.

A puppeteer discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of the movie star, John Malkovich.

However, it is the interactions between the characters that fortifies this film. Although comedy is simply the most logical choice to categorize this type of film, wouldn’t it have been interesting to see this movie as a bejng, or perhaps as a spiritual awakening picture. But I will say that “Being John Malkovich” might not overtake the box office, but for appreciative movie patrons, this one is sure to be treasured for fiveds long time to come.

He’s the most acutely imaginative and ingenious man of our time.


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Like Lotte, once you’ve been through the portal, you have to do it again; once you’ve tasted the nectar, there’s no turning back. Wow, sounds like “Alice in Wonderland,” doesn’t it I obviously can’t give all the credit for this to director Spike Jonze; Charlie Kaufman is the genius that wrote this insanity.

Not content with being the undisputed king of music videos, he’s set his sights on full-length-feature-films.

Don’t worry if this all sounds a little bring to you, it should do, it’s probably the most surreal film ever made. If you thought that Spike Jonez could never top the Daft Punk talking dog video, kohn have never been so wrong in your life. Brought to you by Gramercy Pictures. One of those employees is named Maxine, a highly seductive co-worker of Craig’s.

You see, since different individuals come from ebing backgrounds, and thus see things differently.

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This film was absolutely incredible. He is most definitely not being himself in front of the camera, but instead creates this wonderful character of John Malkovich the vessel.

Being John Malkovich leaves you astounded. It is one of the years best films, sutitles should be well presented come Academy Award time. John Malkovich was presented with an interesting opportunity in playing himself, and he seems to have seized the opportunity with relish. In order to earn a living he is forced to find himself a regular job, only it soon becomes apparent that regular it is not.

Desperately searching for employment, Craig soon visits a business for an interview as a filer when he discovers for some odd reason the construction of the office floor is all but several feet tall, forcing all employees to bend over backwards just to walk around.

Working as a filing clerk on floor seven and a half, Craig stumbles across a portal into John Malkovich’s head. Everything about it is labyrinthine, intriguing, and very funny. Spike Jonze Running Time: Lotte is a typical, unattractive homemaker while Craig holds that unusual occupation of being a professional puppeteer.


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There are more twists in this story, but that’s for you to find out, now isn’t it? They basically live an old fashioned life in a small apartment with a miniature zoo of pets and a puppet factory inside. So be John Malkovich! One of the most unique, imaginative movies ever made. Regardless, the film still has an oddly powerful message to it, which I will not, nor do I ever directly reveal in any of my reviews.

It’s the kind of film you wait mqlkovich to come along, but rarely does, and it demands to be seen more than once.

Being John Malkovich

The acting is completely brilliant. All hail Spike Jonze for he is a genius. Immediately, she sees money in the prospect of having a portal into the mind of John Malkovich, and she convinces Jihn that they should start a business: Perfect internal problems are created with the two female leads; Lotte and Maxine find themselves physically attracted to each other in unbelievable character twists.

As you can see, the household isn’t exactly a joyful situation. And Orson Bean nearly steals the show as Dr. Monkey flash backs and a restaurant full of Malkoviches are highlights of the insanely subtitls and brilliantly insane movie.

Cameron Diaz is flawlessly cast as Craig’s sexually and mentally uncoordinated wife, and delivers us a comically riotous character.

What does it feel like to be inside someone else’s skin?

Cuscack, completely smitten by Catherine Keener’s character, finds that his love is unrequited. Malkovich as himself is the icing on the cake; subyitles plays it straight, with a finesse and distinction that makes the unbelievable somehow credible, while lending an easy, natural flow to the innate humor of the story.

No, really, that’s what happens.