Everyone else returned confused as shimmering dust falls from the sky. Shun and Taylean fight them but start losing. They only show the battle between Marucho and Shun vs Anubias and Robin. Soon, Shun comes and tells Marucho that the only way to stop the chaos is to battle. Betadron also joins the Brawlers. The two manage to break Razenoid’s shield and knock him back but he manages to survive and attacks everyone, including the Brawlers themselves. Marucho reminds them to attack their horn and they are then successful.

The group arrives at the access point but now the point was damaged because of Shun and he apologizes. When the Chaos Bakugan start destroying Interspace, Spectra appears out of nowhere to help the Brawlers out and destroys many of the Chaos Bakugan. After that, the Nonets are told that he will give them two options, while transforming to his true Mechtogan form, they must choose to either return to the Doom Dimension or be buried alive. Dan Kuso’s life changed one day when cards fell out of the sky and grabbed one, which he and his friend Shun used to invent a game called Bakugan. Kato is soon arriving with someone the Brawlers know well. Gunz then throws out Betadron, Kodokor, and Mutabrid who plan on combining as well but are shot down by Mechtavius Destroyer before they have the chance. Mag Mel is then seen talking to Anubias about the whereabouts of Dan and Drago and it would never occur to him that they were at New Vestroia, the home of all Bakugan.

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Paige then says that he has to go to save her people but Marucho says that the brawlers and himself will come too. Meanwhile in the now incredibly empty Doom Dimension, Fury is shown being betrayed by his Mechtogan Coredegon, who then kills him.


Then, Shun arrives with Taylean and defeats them.

Then they face Mag Mel and discover Interspace being destroyed, so they go back to Earth to save it but they are trapped and must figure a way to save the gate, the key, the battlers and Interspace. Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. After they fight, the result of an explosion leads to Dan losing.

Soon says it is a great idea and she sends the message to Bakygan.

Ben sends out Pyrus Bolcanon and Dan sends out Drago. After a long time jechtanium, Skytruss and Orbeum locate Wiseman and alert the other Brawlers about him. The Fist of Blue Sapphire Meanwhile, Dan, Marucho, and Shun were in Kato’s submarine after having fallen off a cliff. Fabia ensures him that the Battle Brawlers will definitely succeed because the Sacred Orb chose them.

Sellon is shown to be fascinated by Helios’s power but not to zurge point of desire.

He speaks out to the crowd, taking the position of leader srge claiming that as the new leader of the Brawlers he will abolish the harsh and dangerous style episodw brawling accidentally set off by Dan and Drago. They then fight alongside Dan against Zenthon and none of their attacks are strong enough to defeat Zenthon’s shield. Cartoon NetworkOkto.

Dan still refuses to listen to Shun and Marucho when they tell him to take a break from battling.

Dan leaves saying that Aerogan is now Runo’s problem, much to her annoyance. Rafe talks about conflict bringing a stronger connection while Paige begins to be a fan of them. As more spawn from the ground, Noah and the others come to help. Shun sees Dan and Drago sailing off using a boat borrowed from Kato. Back in the Doom Dimension, the Brawlers are still trapped when they hear Gunz’s voice. Later that night, Runo, Mira, and Kato comfort Dan, Marucho, and Shun, bringing the trio back together in the process.


Dan and Drago finally arrive in New Vestroia, to train in an attempt to control Drago’s new powers. Dan and Drago tell them that they should only be fighting them not the innocent but Mag Mel responds as it is an act of revenge and he doesn’t care about nobility.

The city is under fire as the group continues to fight off the Chaos Bakugan. They asked how was the battle and Dan responds with it being easy.


bkugan Pilot Film Kyojin no Hoshi: Preyas and Amazon then vow to help Drago control his new powers. The Brawlers are on the edge of defeat. Showbiz Boy Tripping the Rift. The game lasts until some player has scored ten points, and the lowest score is the winner.

Mutant Krowl then traps Drago with Haos Hydra. Between this time Ani,e and Betadron talk about resummoning Coredegon and the others. After an explosion, Dan wakes up with the Brawlers and the others in front of him.