Tiara, better known as “Tracy” or spelled “Traci” , has a personality disorder. Priscilla and Angie gets into a physical altercation. Retrieved from ” https: The episode ends with the two fighting in the hallway outside of Priscilla and Tasha’s bedroom. Retrieved April 17, Retrieved 7 August Nastasia and Judi make up and Tiara tells Nastasia that Angelic told her that it was Shelly who messed with her contacts.

When the girls arrive home, they find out that they will be going to Barbados. Judi tries to awake Priscilla by tapping on her window. Judi and Cheyenne get in a argument. Retrieved 2 October Retrieved April 17, Views Read Change Change source View history. Nastasia backlashes as she intimidates her cast-members on who might of done it. Nastasia gets tired of the girls ganging up on Judi and decides to have a talk with her.

Judi and Cheyenne get in an argument. The fight between Priscilla and Judi continues in the makeup room.

Priscilla and Nastasia get into an argument in the laundry room. Views Read Change Change source View history. Not only was she funny, but I loved the way she stood up for Judi towards the end, realizing the others — Stasi included — were indeed picking on her. Retrieved 7 August The phone room took a jungle-like and a green house turn.

The episode starts with the fight between Nastasia clubb Tasha. Malek told the local police that Townsend was removing her personal items into a garbage bag, while telling her that “she needed to leave the house”.


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fs Tiara then threw a liquor bottle at her because she was very angry. Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages TV. The episode ends with the two fighting in the hallway outside of Priscilla and Tasha’s gs.

After arriving to witness their beds destroyed, Shelly and Angie coincide to have Nastasia confess. Nastasia and Shelly start to get along more, and Judi seeks to get her voodoo doll fixed.

Tiara sets the record straight and Tasha infidelity is revealed. A new bad girl then enters the house to replace Priscilla.

Priscilla and Nastasia get into an argument in the laundry room. She then throws whats inside the pot on Priscilla’s bed while she was asleep.

On July 6,the house tour was girrls for public viewing. While the two are in jail, a prank war starts in the house. The other Bad Girls reflect on the shocking events that got Priscilla sent home. Shelly, Tasha, and Priscilla return to the house the next morning.

Shelly was not likable and was quite weak as she always needed backup and pretty much spent the entire season picking on Judi. At the end of the episode, after getting tattoos, Tiara and Judi make amends.


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In the main room of the house, the girls were welcomed to an indoor bara home computerand a contemporary living room influenced by Mardi Gras. Cheyenne believes Tiara and leaves. The tour hosts were Jeff Eyser, the production designerand Alexis Karpf the set decorator. Retrieved February 17, Retrieved April 17, Tasha, discovering her bed trashed, confronts Angelic.

Meanwhile, the pranks continue, and several altercations occur. Meanwhile, Angie finds herself caught in the middle of the two cliques. Nastasia and Judi start to get along more, and Judi ba to get her voodoo doll fixed.

The tensions between the two cliques result in a physical fight in the limousine, ending the episode with a cliffhanger. Cheyenne then confronts them.

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Retrieved June seaskn, Shelly, Tasha and Priscilla were allowed to come back to the house. Priscilla was okay, while newbie Cheyenne was a non factor this season. Tiara and Tasha fight over a boy.