Starbucks 2nd Apr – Niddhi makes Ruhi sit in the car. They see Ishita and stop the car. She says I will see how Ishita saves her children. Khushali 2nd Apr – They get shocked seeing Ishita jump down the cliff, in the river. Ruhi calls out Ishi Maa.

Aaliya says you have to take Appa to hospital. All signs point to a new wave of hate crimes that lead straight to a loc. I used to watch this serial even when it had a lot of worst twists.. Watch Stan Lee’s Lucky Man. Kabhi ishita ko crocodile bite kar ya hai fir bi woh jinda hoti hai, kabhi shagun ki aatma ka naatak, kabhi goli lagti hai , kabhi pahad sey jump karti hai fir bi jinda hoti hai. Detective Murdoch investigates the death of Katie Buchanan who is found dead at. Directed by Cal Coons. Are you the publisher?

But she just shout once…. This is the lost leap so far, ekta u are lost.

V P 1st Apr – She might have thought that Abishek or Raman will save ruhi. Abhishek wishes she goes ahead. She is hating her favourite ishi maa. Mera Sultan Episode 95 — 18th August Geo kahani drama. Lage Na Jiya Episode episodde — […]. I love Ishra like anything but the way Raman talked to Ishitha better she doesnot go back to him immediately …, we cant blame the actors … directors to be blamed for destroying such an unque story ….


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Ruhi calls out Ishi Maa. Hai rithu,siddhi,vp,diya,ude and all yhm friends…I am too disappointed. Hands Across Ed online.

Ishita goes near the cliff end and cries. As someone commented the cvs enjoy breaking marriages … I love Divyanka and if at all watching only to see her … viewers are totalky broken and makers be happy and enjoy this week end with Pandit ….

Neelu asks her to take care of her health.

I think the man with ishu is subbu ad he also lives in Australia n alia ka amma appa kahna Bhi asa indicate karta hai. Asi Season 2 Episode 43 — 21st August Express drama. Jwa Yoon-Yi has lived her life with a passive attitude.

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She has a spirit of devotion and obedience. U r wasting ur time being a failure acp their u should have join some good show. Jus shut down this crap. Suraj says she did suicide. She thinks she recalls Ruhi seeing her always.


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Siddhi 2nd Apr – O sorry it was my comment but by mistake I post it as comment. They see Ishita and stop the car. The Episode starts with Niddhi coming there. Watch Stan Lee’s Lucky Man. Annie 1st Apr – Abhishek looks on and says Baajnh should take babies and secure them, so that I can make a move.

Look at most relevant Drama baanhh 17 websites out of You can watch Maatam in High quality. Manoj says thank God baby is fine.

Baanjh – Episode 33 – 7th October 2013

Raman runs to reach them. Namak Paray 18th August Hum Tv drama. Bhalla drinks juice and asks did I lose weight.