Beywheelz The Phoenix vs. We learn Greg’s true identity, and a dark secret about Kamon. Not long after on October 18, , the trade show turned out a success with dub the series in English and other languages, as well. The B-Crystal emerged from the ceiling and shoot a beam upwards, with streams of light scattered from B-Crystal to its surroundings. Beywheelz The Wheeler of the Wilderness – Ep. In Miracle Shot, Natsumi said it must just be her imagination.

Kakeru used the new super shot at the red bomb. Naoya approved the replacement. Kamon and Roma engage in an epic battle that gives Kamon important insights about his brother. One day, he finds a B-Daman of his own named, Thunder Dracyan. Kakeru remembered Saneatsu had mentioned the winner’s reward. Riki offers his teacher to read it from page 95 but she declines and most of his classmates laugh at him although Riki does not understand. Subaru completed the course first, followed by Ouga and Yukihide. Beyraiderz Hope – Ep.

B-Daman CrossFire Episode 5 English Dub

Heroes Wiki 5 months ago. The final match of the Crossfire season is approaching, so Riki and his friends start training very hard. January 9, online [5]. Dravise said they had only paid attention to Kakeru and Dracyan, but Kakeru saw also looked at what was beyond end of the xub.

Kakeru said he was preoccupied with the championship match, and he got into trouble with teacher and his mother. After Kakeru’s super shot hit rebound and hit the red bomb the 3rd time, the red rnglish stayed in place. The specific problem is: Nazo no reddo doragon tsukai… ” Japanese: Agent Dark convinces Roma to unite the four Mystical Beasts.

Kakeru discovered the new move was not working. Why would they say that in a kids show lmao. Beywarriors Cyborg – Episode 1: An international name of “B-Daman Crossfire” was chosen along with a tentative release for autumn However, Kakeru’s strategy broke Dracyan’s core after knocked down the last pin.


Crash B-daman vietsub ep 1 Noindex 2 years ago. Kakeru thought about the broken B-Daman core. This page was last edited on 12 Januaryat Kaito, Yukihide, Shumon, Gouichirou ran towards Kakeru. Dracyan said Kakeru and Dracyan were one crossfore and mind, so Kakeru can turn his spirit into power.

Together, they uncover a mystery and legend regarding these Dragons and plans by certain individuals seeking hegemony through them. Archived from the original on The West is in chaos because of Derek, who is secretly working for Novu. Archived from the original on Natsumi said she knew. During another tournament, Riki learns a bit about the B-Animals, but many more mysteries still remain. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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When Riki gets separated from his friend, he runs into Novu, who shows Much later on April 8,d-rights neared completion in negotiations with Hasbro for release outside of Asia. When it is Kakeru’s turn with replacement Break core, the glove charge was weakened before firing at the 7th pin, causing the marble to bounce off the 7th pin.

On June 3,toy giant, Takara-Tomy revealed that a new anime series cossfire be based on the latest revival of the B-Daman toys, Cross Fight B-Daman, was green-lit for fall Only these winners engilsh earn points and shows a leaderboard depicting the B-Damans with the most points until now. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat A rumor has spread amongst the children worldwide regarding the popular B-Daman matches: Jacker VS Drazeros” Transcription: As a result, Riki and Samuru divulge themselves more into the sport of Cross Fight, learning the various new game types, mechanics and such while as they plan to thwart any B-Shot wishing to rule the world.

After creating a hole in the field gate, Rury Damab grants Riki Ryugasaki his gear, officially making him a Crossfire player. Riki is also glad and plans on doing an amazing job with Akira. On September 28,d-rights created a promotional poster for use at a trade show. Not long after engoish October 18,the trade show turned out a success with dub the series in English and other languages, as well.


B-Crystal started to glow, then Dravise and Dracyan started glowing. Kakeru remembered Saneatsu had mentioned the winner’s reward. Subaru completed the course first, followed by Ouga and Yukihide.

Can peisode be true? Behind Kakeru, Natsumi discovered Dracyan can speak. The Complete Eaman King!

In a re-match, Kakeru and Dracyan knocked down the 7th pin with super shot. Kaito and Xub both finished 3 games and try to push the remaining button, but Kakeru narrowly pushed the last button earlier and entered the second round. Dracyan said it had felt B-Crystal’s anger. An emergency announcement said an intruder is in the secret underground area, and B-Crystal was under attack. WBMA dkb started to glow upwards, then the roof cracked and shattered.

After both players scored 2 points, Yukihide said he did not hate Reiji. Who will be the Crossfrie Section is simply a list of characters and organized from an in-universe perspective with no indication of the significance of the character to the overall plot of the series.

Beyraiderz Truth – Ep. Cyborg — Elegant Yokai Apartment Life Subaru moved left and fired 2 shots to knock a row of 2 yellow bombs to Kakeru’s side. Akira agreed, and said it was impossible for Dracyan to speak.