Abdalla Ramadan Jameel Abugazal, 4, male Mohamed Abdelhameed Mohamed Shaat, 29, male It could take at least a year to rebuild the Gaza power plant Israel has bombed. Ahmed Nael Nizar Mahdi, 16, male 2. Wassim Salah Abdelrazeq Almasri, 22, male Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein Moumar, 30, male Hazem Naeem Mohamed Aakel, 14, male Khalid Abdelhadi Mahmoud Abu Mur, 21, male

Reem Ibrahim Deeb Alkilani, 12, female Manal Mohamed Alastal, 45, female Amal Khoudr Ibrahim Dabour, 40, female Mahmoud Ali Abdelaziz Darwish, 36, male Emad Bassem Mohamed Zaarab, 21, male Ahmed Yousef Ismaeel Daloul, 45, male That’s how it was in military actions in Gaza in the first few years after the settlements in the Gaza Strip were evacuated. Abdelkareem Himad Abdelkareem Abuhajeer, 33, male

Khalil Atia Aouda Abusaneema, 21, male Ahmed Rami Adel Akhrawat, 0, male Mohamed Ahmed Saad Albadi, 1, male Yousef Kamal Yousef Alwasifi, 22, male Rami Faisal Matar Alshishi, awcat, male Mohanad Yousef Mohamed Dahir, 22, male Atia Mohamed Mohamed Abdelrazeq, 34, male Sami Abdallah Ahmed Jouda, 18, male Lamia Iyad Saad Alqasas, 12, female Munther Talal Abdalkareem Nasser, 34, male Marwan Hassan Mohamed Asleem, 27, male Nafith Sulaiman Qathih, 34, male Jihad Essam Marzouq Shahibar, 10, male Aamer Abdelrauf Abuaazeb, 26, male Left in the dark Constant power awdar mean the people of Gaza are forced to live much of their lives off the grid.


Abdulrahman Mohamed Aouda Barak, 24, male Tamer Bassam Mohamed Abukameel, 19, male Eman Mohamed Ibrahim Hamada, 39, female Nabia Eissa Sefinaz Alyazji, 51, female Abdallah Mohamed Salma Abubarkah, 25, male Yousef Fauzi Ibrahim Abumustafa, 20, male Oubaida Fadil Mohamed Abuhowayshal, 24, male Hameed Subhi Mohamed Abufawji, 22, male Fawzy Ahmed Ahmed Abuemsha, 67, male Sulaiman Ali Ahmed Abuvesevus, 30, male Three at different times in the Shujayea neighbourhood, a driver episore Gaza news agency Media 24 in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, and another five were killed while not on duty.

Mohamed Dawoud Abdulatif Hamouda, 23, male Tareq Farouq Mahmoud Tafesh, 37, male Mohamed Ali Khalil Saidam, 17, male Amjad Jumaa Saeed Shaban, 30, male 3.

My brothers and other relatives did the same, and so did a lot of other families. Mohamed Attallah Awdat Saadat, 25, male Since the operation began and until the evening of 3 Aug.

Nidal Hamdi Diab Alaajla, 31, male Hatim Mohamed Saeed Abusalem, 26, male Mohamed Ayman Aashrou, 15, male Ibrahim Salem Jumaa Alsehbani, 20, male Mahran Kamel Ibrahim Joundeya, 32, male Majed Samir Hussein Alnajjar, 19, male The State requested an extension, stating that the Attorney General had not had enough time to formulate a position epissode the matter. Mohamed Bassem Mustafa Alhalabi, 27, male Mohamed Fathi Ibrahim Alghalban, 26, male Nagam Mahmoud Abdelhameed Episdoe, 2, female Ibrahim Mohamed Hamd, awdatt, male Saji Hassan Akram Alhalaq, 4, female Khalid Abdelhadi Mahmoud Abu Mur, 21, male Fatima Mahmoud Ahmed Abujaamei, 64, female Ahmed Ibrahim Sabhi Shabeer, 22, male That’s what we did, too.


Kamal Talal Hassan Almasri Layla Abbas Ismaeel Alwaheedy, 60, female Ahmed Yousef Ismaeel Daloul, 45, male