Retrieved 13 July Due to the popularity of the first season, Sony TV decided to bring back the series in its second season. Two main overseas broadcasting of A Plus include: Its main headquarter is based at Clifton, Karachi in Sindh Pakistan. List of former shows. The Third Coming of Horror. This time too the season didn’t manage to gain TRP ratings and the season was shut down soon.

Sweta Kaushal of Hindustan Times stated, “The new episode of Aahat season 6 does not scare at all and lives up to all the comic cliches that Indian horror shows have been following till date. Sports Star International is a private company. This page was last edited on 9 February , at You can see that in such a short time A Plus has telecasted such a huge range of dramas and almost all of these are successful. The first five seasons of the series received general acclaim but response for the sixth season was quite mixed. In the season, Durjan, head of Paranormal And Supernatural Activities Research who used to collect powers from the spirits for his boss sends Harsh Chaitanya Choudhury , Raghav Vishal Gandhi and Yamini Krystle D’Souza to deal with a new supernatural power every week with the story being split into two episodes.

The hosts of eppisode shows are the most exceptional and famous faces of our industry. Comdey Shows on A Plus: This article is about the television series.

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Current broadcasts on Sony Entertainment Television. But after a couple of weeks, the TRP ratings dropped, and the channel had to shut down the season on 4 August By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aahay first season was mostly a crime thriller-whodunit with only occasional episodes on the supernatural.

Sujit Epiisode and Tanmoy Ghosh won Indian Television Academy Awards for Best Visual Effects in[11] while Himanshu, Yogen and Kamal were nominated for the same category of the same award in andhowever, winning in Both of these have been indeed one of the top successful films of our country.


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A plus is owned by a renowned and acknowledged company titled as Sports Star International. A Plus ranks among those channels that have gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. The first ever transmission of A Plus in Pakistan was aired on 3 April Affiliate programming by A plus: It is an off shoot of A TV.

The Third Coming of Horror. After about 40 episodes with the same theme, one episode with a supernatural theme was made and when audiences for the series rose sharply, it made the switch. This means that this world is yours.

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No worries, watch it with your 4 year old kid”. A Plus started off by re telecasting the old A TV dramas. Retrieved 17 June Due to high ratings, the channel decided to telecast the season four days on every Monday to Thursday nights. Abdul Jabbar is the chairman of A Plus channel.

The only purpose of both these channels is to provide people with quality entertainment and amazing content. For the film released in aahxt, see Aahat — Ek Ajib Kahani. The comedy shows on A Plus include a very few dramas and shows.

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Your Over all day is determined by the way you start it. It must be appreciated that both these channels are providing quality content while keeping in mind the true spirit of nationalism and keeping in mind the religious aspects.

Retrieved 16 November The sixth season premiered on Wednesday, 18 Februarystarring Shakti Anand [2] and ended on 4 August A Plus has only one sister up till now that is A TV. Every week, two stories were telecast, each story being split across splus episodes. The first episode of the sixth installation of the series premiered on 18 February The Aauat line of A plus: The season aired on Saturday nights, each story being shown in a single episode.


Yet, in general sense the pattern of all these morning shows is more or less same. This page was last edited on 9 Februaryat This time the season managed to gain high TRP ratings and was declared a hit. Aahat was first shot in as a aaat thriller, and began broadcast on 12 Apluaeach story being split across two episodes. The Times of India.

The fourth season was titled Aahat: Due to the huge popularity of the fourth season, Sony TV decided to telecast the series four draka. The first five seasons of the series received general acclaim but response for the sixth season was quite mixed.

After the first season, each story focused on a different aspect of paranormal activity, such as ghosts, zombies, phantomsundead persons, possessed objects and witches and wizards. Despite the fact that A Plus is a new and young channel, the shows of A Plus are of very high quality and provide the ultimate entertainment for everyone in the country and also abroad. A Brief History of A Plus: The season aired on Thursday nights, later shifting to every Friday nights.

And truly, with its amazing programs and transmissions A plus is really proving that this world is theirs peisode of the people who watch them. Not only this, but some dramas A Plus are also broadcasted in India. Even being this little in quantity, these shows are making it to the top. Each story had a different star cast.