When thou by gentle means thy wish canst gain Why towards anger give unchecked the rein? Oh woe to him, if he knew well that there is no state but changes, surely he would not transgress. He verily is Mighty, Wise. But though in dust thy relics lie. Ruz dar kasb-i-hunar kush, ki mai khurdan-i-ruz Dil chu aina dar zhangr-i-zalam andazad. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Cultivate justice ; for when its morning dawns The splendour thereof extends to a thousand parasangs. Many a fourth, tenth and second month Will appear, when we arc dust and brick.

Asp-i-tazi shuda majruh ba zir-i-palan Tauq-i-zarrin hama dar gardan-i-khar mi-binam. It swallows not that which itself made grow. The sleeper will escape from the cloud of illusion. Dictionary of Indian Biography, C. Beware 1 Feed thou thy soul with love from holy ground ; Make haste I seek means of grace from one who grace hath found. And the earth He hath prepared for mankind, therein are fruits and palms with sheathed clusters, and the grain with its husks and the supports of life. Hikmat talab wa buzurgi amuz Ta bih gardad ruzat az ruz. Verily God is powerful, mighty.

War nosh mukhalifat kunad, nish-i-man ast. I know nought of Mary. All the rest of you is bone and sinew, If your thoughts are rose-like, you are a rose-garden If they fn thorn-like, you are fuel for the furnace.

In ten days thou wilt spend his gold. Death forgets me not yet He gives me a delay before the end of my feeding ; If it be decreed, then will no friend avail, nay not even the guarded domain of Kolayb to guard me from Him.

He buys the worthless rubbish which is your wealth, He pays you the light that illumines your heart, He accepts these frozen and lifeless bodies of yours And gives you a kingdom beyond what you dream of, He takes a few drops of your tears And gives you the divine fount sweeter than sugar.

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And as to those whose faces shall have turned black. He it is who hath outstretched the earth and placed on it the firm mountains and rivers ; and of every fruit He hath placed on it two kinds: Art thou not afraid of the consuming flame.


What is the meaning of to uproot and wn join? Chira chu zarra niayad baraqas har sufl Dar aftab-i-baqa ajta rihandash za zawal. And we punished not till we had first sent an apostle. No place of refuge for you on that day!

Think it not easy to extirpate from thy heart, For it is compket easy to root up a mountain from the earth with a needle. Thou wert dust and art spirit, thou wert ignorant and art wise, Msnzili who has led thee thus far, will lead thee further also, How pleasant are the pains He makes thee suffer while He gently draws thee to Himself, His flames are as water, do not frown upon Him.

He is only scented with musk, he is not himself antw, He smells of musk but is mwnzili naught but dung. While pleasure s gay fantastic bower, The splendid pageant of an hour, Like yonder meteor in the skies Flits with a breath no more to rise. What can I do? For in the end This evening the morn becometh, and the night the dawn, Hafiz, when the musk of His tress-tip is in thine hand, Indraw thy breath. Travel away from the bitter stream towards the water of life, Return from the vestibule to the high seat of the soul.

Who is he that can intercede with Him except by His permission? Bostan ok S’adi, chap.

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I have a better hope through exerting myself My fear is increased by remaining idle. Tahammul chu zahrat numayad nakhust Wall shahd gardad chu dar tab 4 a rust. And cease not for ever and aye. All life without thee is alas the same, Death, living death and life alone in name.

Mard bayad ki girad andar gush War nawishtast pand bar diwar. The seminal principle from the loins of destiny, This world is the womb: Happy the eye that thus weeps, Noble the heart that thus burns, In the end all our weeping shall be turned to smiles, The man who considers the end is a blessed servant. Nay, we are pearls in that sea, therein we all abide, Else why does wave follow wave from the sea of soul. When the blossoms are shed, the fruits come to a head, When the body is destroyed, the soul lifts up its head.


When their passes a lord of our fil, in his stead there rises straight, A lord to say the say and do the deeds of the noble, Our beacon is never quenched to the wanderer of the night, Nor has ever a guest blamed us where men meet together.

I ask these questions, but find no replies. Shah nest bashahr, dar asas ra chi kunam? And who shall teach thee what the steep is?

Like sceptic monk or ugly courtesan, No hopes have I above, no joys below. The gnat scuds away before the blast of the winds, What then knows the gnat of the savour of the winds? What is it, weighed by Love the Alchemist?

For my life, too, cannot eternal be. Yea neighbours are they of the living ; near and close their fellowship But if thy soul would seek their converse, thou must seek it far away. Gar u hast haqqa ki man nistam.

They are those who believe not in the signs of the Lord or that they shall ever meet Him. Woe then to those who pray, who in their prayer are careless, who make a show of devotion, but refuse help to the needy. Forasmuch as behind this world lies the infinite universe.

He believeth in God and believeth the believers. Dighae fikr mi bin! We Our sole memorial leave behind in thee.