Meanwhile, Lexi tricks Angus and Fletcher into hiding in her closet by making them believe they are fugitives for crashing into a book store with a driverless car when actually it was in a video game , so that she can use their room to store her clothes. Meanwhile, Fletcher agrees to help Cameron create a comic book character in order to get closer to Chyna. Chyna asks Nigel out and they embark on a date, making Fletcher jealous. Hippo says films are in and music is out, so he ends up doing Cameron’s movie instead of Chyna’s song. Desperate to get home for the holidays, the kids will do anything to break out. T Farm has since ceased production. Principal Skidmore asks Chyna, Olive, and Fletcher to build toys for kids at an orphanage. That night, Olive and Chyna try to spend the night in Olive’s locker, but while Cameron is “haunting” them, he also wrecks the prank and Olive and Chyna discover his plan.

Disney Originals, “Gold Rush: Farm Online Watch A. Since Chyna got the highest IQ score in the entire school, Principal Skidmore chose her to represent Webster High in the academic decathlon although Chyna does not want to. Chyna, Olive, Angus, and Neville embark on a journey to save him. Chyna video chats Lexi and Lexi is jealous when she sees how much fun they are having, not knowing that it is a party scene from an old movie used as Chyna and Olive’s background. Chyna decides to take the part and Sequoia shadows Chyna, which leads to her stealing Chyna’s identity and personality.

This is the one-hour season premiere. Meanwhile, Angus meets a royal family and Lexi helps him prepare. Since their mother is expecting change, they set up a fake booth to get their money back. Emily Robinson as Oksana. Now, both teams compete to see who comes out victorious. He makes the ANTs pay him to go to school, turns it into a hotel and make them work miplacemant.

September 20, Chyna accidentally loses the Z phone prototype and must get it back before Grundy finds out. Meanwhile, Paisley is upset because her epusode are fighting.

Sierra and Lauryn show up in disguise and tell Chyna that Darlene decided to quit for good, and they want Chyna to replace her for a year-long tour. It is revealed that it was all part of Chyna’s dream.

A.N.T Farm S03 E10 Product MisplacemANT

When Olive and Fletcher start dating, they keep the secret from Chyna, but Olive reveals that her and Fletcher are dating. Farm Online Watch A. Chyna gets an idea since Olive painted her wall green, she will use it as a green screen.


In the end, Cameron hangs out with his dad and Fletcher is left alone.

Chyna accidentally loses the Z phone prototype and must get it back before Grundy finds out. He then smashes a lamp on the pile of already-smashed lamps. Use the HTML below. Somehow, Cameron is nominated for A.

Chyna and the rest of the ANTs have had enough with Principal Skidmore due to her selfishness and cheapness, so Chyna comes up with an elaborate scheme and convinces her to retire. On the series finale of A. Meanwhile, Lexi finds out she was not invited to McKenna’s birthday party and vows to find why. Chyna tells Cameron that he can start filming and tricks Zoltan into thinking that the school is misppacemant, making him an unknowing addition to the movie’s cast.

They make him believe that he is a psychic by making everything he predicts happen.

In the end, Zoltan lets Chyna stay after Olive explains her situation and feeds him the lie potion. Meanwhile, Skidmore is annoyed because Olive, thinking that retirement is fun and wants to do so as well, will not let her enjoy her retirement in peace. When he keeps following him, ruining Fletcher’s chances of getting closer to Chyna, they try to find Gibson a girlfriend.

When Chyna, Fletcher, and Olive find out that Charlie Brown is a cop, they pretend that they are robbing a house with Charlie as an accomplice. Meanwhile, Cameron and Fletcher try to sneak into a little kids movie without being caught by anyone from school, misplacrmant Lexi appears at the theatre to watch a horror movie, only to find out that she wanted to see the kids movie too.

Meanwhile, Lexi gets jealous about Chyna being with Madame Goo Goo, as Zoltan predicted, so he brings in a mathematician that Olive is crazy for.

Chyna, Olive, Angus, and Neville embark on a journey misplacekant save him.

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Meanwhile, Cameron accompanies Darryl in a police ride-along for a school report. After the dance, Chyna tries to go back to the future but the time machine breaks and Chyna is trapped in the s. Meanwhile Lexi is nominated as ice princess in the Christmas paradebut is unable to show up because of Hologram Grundy’s lockdown. T Farm Episode Guide”. In the end, it is revealed that Chyna accidentally overfed Hegel. Meanwhile, Lexi is horrified when she realizes that she and Paisley have the same amount of friends on Wolf Packa popular social network.

ANT Farm S03E09 product misplacemANT

He never mentions the name so she, Olive, Lexi, Angus and Fletcher try to find out who it is. The ANTs are the only ones at school, and instead of attending class, Principal Skidmore sends them on an educational scavenger hunt around San Francisco. Married at First Sight 6.


You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A reality show called “America Needs Talent” arrives at Webster High, and everyone auditions to be on it; however, the only people who get picked to be finalists on the show are Chyna and Lexi.

Chyna accidentally convinces her father, Darryl, to quit his job after he tells her much he hates it. Farm Season Premiere — Today’s News: When a deafening noise caused by Fletcher makes Olive lose her memory, Chyna, Fletcher, and Angus go to great lengths to get her memory back before Principal Skidmore dismisses her from the A. Since Chyna got the highest IQ score in the entire school, Principal Skidmore chose her to represent Webster High in the academic decathlon although Chyna does not want to.

As Fletcher decides to say his goodbyes to Chyna, Angus, and Olive who reveals she broke up with him so he would take the fellowship, by popping out of a rubbish bin and confessing and stay with his grandma, Chyna and Olive return to the A.

Principal Skidmore gives out Wacky Awards and everyone receives one except for Cameron, so Chyna and Olive try to help him find his talent. Olive then moves into Chyna’s locker to avoid the ghost, but ends up annoying Chyna to the point where she devises a scheme to make Olive face her fears.

Retrieved October 19, Zoltan give the ANTs the prototype of the new Z-phone 4, but when Chyna leaves her phone at a bar during a karaoke championship, Mr.

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Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved June 20, At the end, Chyna and Angus come up with a scheme to expose the culprit and Kennedy then says it was her.

Meanwhile, Angus tries to help Fletcher in an attempt to get Chyna to date him by dating Kennedy. Retrieved March 21, Views Read Edit View history.