Finally, if anyone out there wishes to edit the above…I would be grateful. Keep up the good writing. Then the standard second shot. Lots of times going up and getting a one birdie, but a low score. I know a succinct instructional paragraph is in there somewhere. Hopefully, e-star , your strat will give me the damage I need to 3-star this beast and I can go on and complete the level. Wow everything blown to bits, 65k after 1st bird then 2nd bird took out the snow blocks blew up tnt and everything on santas sleigh flew high in the air and disappeared. If first shoot was not sufficient clear — shoot by bounce with middle stone to the R.

Had a very difficult time repeating shots. Thanks for any help you can offer: No matter how technical this level is, luck has its own share. Unfortunately there is no background detail to line up with, so this is going to have to be purely descriptive. White bird low, and underneath the platform, so as to bring it down, and blow the TNT to take out sleigh and gifts!!! I agree that k might be possible. You can get different scores for the exact same amount of destruction depending on how the blocks bounce into each other when they fall, since collisions between blocks and with the ground result in points even when the blocks are not destroyed.

What lucky planet are the rest of you living on?!? And congrats on catching Klara lol: Aww windwalker and redzym you both make me blush! Keep up the good writing. Using the standard strategy I got my highscore while travelling home by train.

The score in the video below isYeah, what is it about getting an above average score without too much effort that makes you think it should be wonderhqm to score even higher?

Tricky, but if you succeed, all of the top structure is guaranteed to come down. Golden Egg 41 — Level has the Golden Egg, in the trench below the slingshot platform. None of the above mentioned strats are consistently repeatable, so that leads me to believe that Lady Luck has more to do with scoring than variations of initial shots do.


So back to the 2 birdie and finally walktgrough Was it a 1-birder, and if so, where did you aim?

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-24 Walkthrough

Wait for a moment when stone in the middle shelf is rolling and shoot under them as close as possible without touching it! I just totally got a one birder by flinging stella high arc and then not paying one bit of attention what happened lol, only k though: I came across this alternate on my iPod touch, and have seazons little luck replicating it on PC yet.

If you’re interested in supporting AngryBirdsNest or RocketPond please contact us or check out our advertising rates. The little piggy inside the wood box is, what I believe to be, the biggest hurdle to a one bird level.

Exactly what I did for my score bikkit and for shot two I actually aimed for the little bell which dropped all of the top structure.

I just discovered today that I have yet to 3-star this one. The score in the video below isI wonter the bird to the top of the tallest tower, I think just above the pig in the box. I had several one-birders with scores in the KK range. The tower toppled right bringing down that side, the bird dropped down to the left taking out a couple of snow blocks on the main structure, triggering wwalkthrough collapse. Thank you both aki-van-emden and klara-van-van-emden: I hope never to return to this board again.

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Send the white towards the gift boxes on the ground, dropping the egg bomb just before impact. I noticed a change in this level which makes it a bit more difficult to get an aiming point, the cracks in the ice under the sling are much thinner now than in the video, and in Estars video, Karen68 hunnybunny is that the same for you?


Pulls down top tower. Then I adjust for tree and it whizzes right through. We both wish you good flinging!

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham Level 1-17 Walkthrough

This does not happen often as to my experience. I have been at this level for a week! Send the next Red bird through the snow blocks under the boulder next to the presents. After finishing level 25 and the 3 bonus levels, I came back to this and got aafter about an hour.

Thanks stocktoad and mvnla2 — partly my bad for not saying in the initial comment that I had tried activating first without luck. I have had times where almost everything topples and then with only the upper right bird in the box, miss my next shot. Hit little piggy-in-a-box in top tower. I have come close to needing only 1 bird and I strongly believe it is possible. This level is not possible, but eventually it is. No hard feelings i hope? It helps to read the old posts especially when details are published.

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Then the standard second shot. If none of those occur, I just let it go and hope for a good one tomorrow. Of course as everyone else has mentioned, the pattern and amount of destruction varies. Our 3-star walkthroughs for these levels are below. On the way down it will crash a tiny white triangle corner protected by of the sloping stone beam! But all the rest was completely blown away.

Second bird hits the rock connect to the highest tower and causes everything else to collapse.