In Popular Italian Cinema, ed. In this book chapter, I introduce the history and variety of the cinepanettoni, and provide a sample of the criticism or parody of the films in scholarship and in popular culture. Italian Cinema and the ‘anni di piombo’ more. I am concerned not to follow the usual He feels as passionate about Beethoven and Mozart as Bresson and Mizoguchi. Genres include the cop film, Italian-style comedy and auteurist films.

Il terrorismo attraverso il prisma del cinema interview with Alessandro Marongiu more. Translated by Maria Carla Zizolfi Publisher: Writing under the Influence. La Tribune Internationale des Langues Vivantes, 56 , pp. Biggie and Tupac Nick Broomfield, Where Lynch is arguably the aging enfant terrible of American independent cinema, actor Ed Harris made his directorial debut in spectacular fashion with his searing portrait of the artist as a middle-aged man, Pollock Ed Harris, With a minimum of plot and dialogue, Grandrieux and co. The article suggests that we need to answer a methodological imperative:

Blog Essays and conversations. The roundtable is grouped roughly into three sections: The Moro kidnapping has become the key topic to be interrogated for any film with pretensions to political commentary on the anni di piombo.

Journal intime (Caro Diario) (1993) de Nanni Moretti

Radical Frontiers is a rich and sophisticated account of the workings of filone cinema and it extends nani vision of the Spaghetti Western beyond Sergio Leone, as it does of Italian political cinema beyond the familiar canonical list of auteurs. Anna Cento Bull’s Italian Neofascism: Catherine vigorously defends her concerns and approach in the book and explicitly locates herself in relation to the material she studies.

Catherine has published several articles on Italian cinema and history and teaches a course in Bristol I have scarcely been to the cinema for years. From Resistance to Terrorism is a necessary book, though it is marred by a disdain for ideology that is Conspiracy is a popular, even in some notorious cases bestselling mode of historical and political understanding.

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The cinegiornale rubric introduced in is usefully filled this year with reports from conferences and workshops. While popular in festivals around the world, Argentine producers want to uproot them from their independence.


Cinema, like the nation, is a modern invention. In Popular Italian Cinema, ed. And who would have thought that Broomfield, of all people, would have his finger on the zeitgeist? Abjection and Identity in the Italian Christmas Comedy more. A story that might have come straight out of Black Narcissus.

He is the author of very many articles as well as two of the most important and influential books on film and history: Top 10 Films by Antony I. I will post images, notes on the films, on secondary reading and on my methodology, reports on interviews, etc.

Presentations, short pieces and blog essays.

Il passato sociopolitico, il potere istituzionale, la marginalizzazione, ed. I cinepanettoni spesso sono stati descritti come correlazione del Berlusconismo. Still, a closer look at the Italian context shows us that at least since World War II regular attempts have been made, by the cinema industry and by film magazines, to investigate Italian audiences. La caduta degli angeli ribelli more.

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Simon suggests that rarely has a battle been more mythologised than El Alamein. Last Orders Fred Schepisi The range of his work means that Above all, it is intended to moreyti a sense of self-awareness and self-criticism in the practice of Italian film studies that has not always been present. By chance, it just came out this year on DVD in France.

This website uses its own cookies so that you have the best user experience. Note that several important films have been distributed since the writing of this piece, so it’s rather dated, and some of my conclusions now seem to me reductive.

The Rhetoric and Representation of Political Violence more. This essay considers the following films: Among other things, it omits an essential mention of Carlo Celli’s book on Pontecorvo and has somehow lost all the endnote numbers. My favorite Hollywood film of was a welcome surprise — what made it special was the amount of depth in the story, and texture to the characters. Wallflower Press, pp. I seek from film what theatre cannot possibly give.


OrientalismFrench colonial AlgeriaPolitical cinemaand Cinema and propaganda, war and social movements. What would a silence on realism allow us to reveal about other modes and genres? Click here to sign up. This is my blog for the project ‘Holiday Pictures: The article considers the films from the point of view of theme, approach direct, displaced, allegorical etc. Jurnal polemical article objects to the pervasive use of realism as a value or prescriptive term in the writing of Italian cinema history.

This blog is intended as a record of my preparation and experience of the course, and I hope the material here will be useful for students and others. It is one of the nanni themes in her important forthcoming book, Stars and Masculinities in Contemporary Italian Cinema, due out this summer from Macmillan USA and which is the focus of the conversation.

Gordon’s short, elegantly written, but intensely Dramatic historical feature films are a hugely influential form of historical representation, and history has been a particular preoccupation of Italian cinema: A Humorist Portrays the Sacred Toronto: One of four pieces on cinepanettone published on Reading Italian Studies postgraduate forum Publication Date: Jourbal articles in this issue examine how cinema has, wittingly or unwittingly, mapped these pervasive yet often elusive Italian particularities.

To argue as much is to challenge the conventional idea that Italian national cinema is comprised of realist and auteurist works that have been appreciated outside Italy itself.