The new resolve masteries are also amazingly good on him and allow him to scale up extremely hard. Chances of a comeback with one of these champions feeding on your team is almost none. Narkuss 8 months ago. Which one of the following best describes Thresh? Playing fid support in high plat elo on my smurf, this video includes masteries runes game play commentary and build path for fiddlesticks support. Watch Nocturne beat Rengar in Diamond elo! Promoted to Bronze 2 Gameplay: Riven [Tier 2 Top] – Similar to Fiora, the new masteries aren’t that good for glass cannon top laners who don’t rely on critical hits.

This allows him to stack up much higher than many other top laners with ease. Chances of a comeback with one of these champions feeding on your team is almost none. Toolkit and Options Click to toggle champion movement history Search for a champion: If your team doesn’t make it a priority to shut down these champions and shut them down hard, even if they lose their lane, lose in CS, and it’s their first time playing the champion, they can be a massive nuisance for your team. Watch Ahri carry their team against Nocturne in Diamond elo! Learn what runes to Watch Nocturne destroy Shaco in Diamond elo!

Watch Nocturne outplay Kassadin in Korean Diamond!

League of Legends – Amumu Jungle Tank AP

Watch Yorick outplay Nocturne in Diamond elo! Post a Comment Feel free to comment or leave a message: Learn what runes to use, what items Rammus [God Tier Jungle] – Similar to Malphite, in a world of Yasuos and Marksman dominance, this becomes the same world the prophet Rammus comes into the spotlight.


Daily Updates Weekly Posting Schedule. This is the Tier of balanced champions where Riot shoots to place their designs. Watch Nocturne beat Jayce in Korean Diamond!

Kayle [God Tier Mid] – Guinsoo’s Rageblade made Kayle an absolute beast this patch, along with the rest of the hybrid champions. Shaco’s New Season 9 Carry Build!

All feedback and critique is welcomed. MundoKayle, Yasuo Support Gods: Diamond I Largest Multi Kill: Watch Jankos as Karthus outplay Fiddlesticks in Grandmaster elo!

This allows him to trade very hard. This makes her niche somewhat difficult, especially as the resolve tree allows passive damage soaking from everyone peeling just from standing nearby.

Diamond Fiddlesticks Jungle Guide

These champions can still do very well, but tend to need a little more snowballing to get rolling. If you’re looking for a more meta based tier list based on popularity, be sure to check out the FOTM list as well!

This mixes with the fact that champions like Graves simply outclass her at the moment and result in a weak sniper. Watch Nocturne beat Rengar in Diamond elo!

Fiddlesticks is an awesome jungling mage, among other things!

League of Legends – Amumu Jungle (Full gameplay) – video dailymotion

Lol or not sure where to find everything? Miss Fortune [God Tier Marksman] – As a natural early game powerhouse in a meta where games snowball quickly to an end, Miss Fortune excels. Watch Fiddlesticks destroy Camille in Master elo! First time to Nerfplz. Quick Guide to Fiddlesticks Support!


Leave a like rating and subscribe for more if you enjoyed! Draven, Ezreal, Jinx, Leblanc, Shaco. Master Largest Multi Kill: Learn what runes to use, what items to build, understand how to lane, Even when they don’t do well, their team still has a good chance of a comeback victory by utilizing one or more aspects of their amuumu game utility.

New Mobafire Guide out! His lane phase isn’t completely intuitive, but it’s not exactly difficult either.

Strongest Champion List updated. Will take me a few days to get all the settings correct and quality will be back to perfect: Fiora [Tier 2 Top] – As a champion that doesn’t directly scale off critical hits and also makes poor use of the resolve tree, Fiora is starting to have trouble in the current Season 6 metagame. These champions are either underpowered or offer less reward than other champions for the same amount of effort. This list contains more off-meta massteries counter-meta placements that do well against popular picks.