We don’t know his backstory, but it’s possible that his father was no great shakes and he turned to the military for the same reason as JL. Hipolito and Piedad have a heart to heart. Want them to continue? He ate all the turkey first, then put mayo on the bread. He had not allowed Alejandro Almonte or Victor Hernandez to share that with him. He asks her never in her life repeat that, ever. Esme would be much better without him and his poor judgement.

I do think there was more to his comments and behavior. LeoCerdo can be seen in the background running across the drive, carrying a plactic bag that surely carries the Hissadora face treatment. Where did Leo get money to pay for the taxi, I know, tighten the beanie. I want William Levy to kiss me, over and over and then start over again. He tells Nati it was really great seeing her. But other than that, a good scene showing that poor folk are the salt of the earth contrasted with certain selfish vile trashy rich folk.

I hope the writers have a horrible end in store for Dio, but I think at this point, nothing would satisfy me. Can this show get any stupider???

Glad meanwhile begs Brandon to forget Ilitia forever. The sand dragging was amusing. However, even he can see it’s common sense to know that after his last reconciliation with Esmeralda, he should be on best behavior. He looked around and asked if there was anything else she needed him to do for her. In came in when Chema was dragging Fedra into the epiwode to drown them both. Though I think he’d prefer tequila.


Terrible editing by Uni, terrific recapping by Judy. Amof that’s how naco folk handle it.

Amor bravĂ­o – WikiVisually

Ramon shouts they should leave cuz Ana is waiting. Thanks for a wonderfully detailed recap.

I want Flor to get different glasses. Basurto went from police chief to mayor. The scene with Eman and Netty was hilarious, but is there some reason that she couldn’t just come out and say it? I haven’t seen another female in the unit she commands.

Can this show get any stupider??? But, that said, are we holding her as a woman in the military to a higher standard?

Episode #1.59

Sigh, poor Agostina, but even worse, Camila does not need another funeral. Thanks to Maggie and Julia for your marvelous recaps of Tuesday’s episodes. Dimitrio Mendoza arrived home to find half the furniture missing. Thursday, March 31, at 8: Save that for QBA, I think you are going to need it. The scene began with him just sitting there. Thank goodness for York Mint Patties. Judy, as Pirate Babe noted, the Univision recap showed only a fraction of the action perhaps mercifully so.


He ate all the turkey first, then put mayo on the bread. Daniel calls him a coward, saying he uses others to do his dirty deeds. English language recaps of Telenovelas.

Daniel finally scores some good news. I know they don’t want to hurt his feelings, BUT Carmela promises everything necessary will be done and that Camila will be called.

I think this will be so hard for Camila rpisode bear. He had the good grace to be ashamed. Juarez has put out the APB on the two trucks. Retrieved 13 January The whole thought of Cam even in a bedroom with DionDevil, even fully clothed is just wretched. The Mari character is so gooshy sweet, I aomr.