Unchikuma Goes to the Antarctic!! March 25, [19]. The Yo-kai Kyubi arrives in Springdale to steal women’s hearts through charm, and sets his sights on stealing Katie’s heart next, but cannot seem to succeed. Whisper attempts to form music groups so that he can compete. Lesson 2 [19] ” Transcription: November 5, [19].

A first look is taken at Komasan Taxi, where Komasan and Komajiro discuss characters’ controversial actions, aided by fan letters, with that character; they start off with Manjimutt. July 23, [22]. To mark the start of the “third season,” the opening theme became “Banzai! Nate notices how Eddie is suspecting everyone around him, and finds out the Yo-kai Suspicioni is to blame. Later, Nate and his Yo-kai companions meet Robonyan, Jibanyan’s robot self from the future. Komasan takes Komajiro to the giant Springdale tower, and is overwhelmed by the height, but Komajiro is unimpressed, at least until Komasan discovers a shooting star, impressing his younger brother once more. Yo-kai Swosh [23] ” Transcription: Nate goes out to pick up his family’s Christmas cake but find that the town is once again overrun with Yo-kai.

The Search [19] ” Transcription: December 17, [19]. Retrieved from ” https: The jealous Yo-kai Wantston makes Nate jealous of every little thing he sees. November 5, [19].

Gun Himitsu Kichi Eria Go! May 27, [19].

The news has yojkai the director of Komasan’s expedition to be bogus, but he really did have akeonna intentions. At school, the Yo-kai Mynimo possesses Katie making her favored by the teacher, later Nate is possessed as well. October 15, [19]. Whisper attempts to form music groups so that he can compete. Lesson 3 [19] ” Transcription: Manjimutt discovers the other inmate is an undercover cop who is looking to get Charlie incarcerated further, and is pleased he may be able to get out early.


Their summoning song is “Alarming!

At Eddie’s birthday party, he becomes possessed by the honesty sand Yo-kai Sandmeh. Their summoning song goes “Boo-shiggy, boo-shiggy! This was carried over into the realm of the supernatural, with countless stories detailing female spirits returning from the dead and exacting a horrific revenge on the men who had wronged them.

Episode 7 – Imminent Danger Wahch Transcription: Her sister spirit is the Ame-Onna, a Yokai that looks like a despondent woman in a drenched kimono with soaking wet hair plastered to her face, constantly licking rainwater from her hands, who haunts villages at night looking for children to snatch from their mothers. Nate, Bear and Eddie head to the mall to buy a video game comic book they have been saving up for, but are unable to purchase it when the Yo-kai Spenp makes them spend their money frivolously.

Nate gets a sore tooth and is sent to a dentist who is currently depressed because of the Yo-kai Negatibuzz. August 27, [18]. These Yo-kai appear as characters in the anime television series, films, and as non-playable characters in the video game series. Nate has to find a cure before it’s too late. Boom boom walla walla! Nate meets the Yo-kai Infour, who can sense a person’s name, birthday, favorite food, and fated partner. Whisper praises the real Yo-kai Tengu, who he claims is a close friend, until they find him.

Mount Takaoon the outskirts of Tokyo, is one of the alleged Tengu nesting sites and sightings of strange phenomona persist there to this day.


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At home, the Yo-kai Papa Bolt gives Nate’s mother a personality like a thunderstorm booming down on each sly remark ; at the same time, the Yo-kai Frazzle is causing Nate to make such sly remarks causing literal lightning to strike him.

Nate’s friends get possessed by the Yo-kai Joukai, who makes them tell lies. Their summoning song is “Gruff stuff! May 20, [19].

The Wandering Orochi: Act 3: Hell’s Army/Yo-kai Ame-onna and Hareotoko/Yo-kai Tsuragawari

Negativoon and Tohohogisu’s Ameeonna Friendship!! The J-Horror cliche of the female ghost with long, matted hair covering her face may have originated in the Kejoro, a creature said to have haunted red light districts such as Yoshiwara, near Asakusa.

The Main Control” Transcription: Lesson 2 [19] ” Transcription: There are however alternate versions that can be friends in later projects, but they are listed separately.

This page was last edited on 29 Januaryat Cadin woke up from his year-long slumber to go see a Next HarMEOWny concert, only to find ameonnz it doesn’t start for another week. Later, Nate and his Yo-kai companions meet Robonyan, Jibanyan’s robot self from the future.

Komasan joins Komajiro for what he thinks is a festival, but is instead a night club where Komajiro is a popular regular known as K.