There is a lot of talk about puking in this episode. The cast returns this week as Brandon, Scott, and the adorable YingityYang come together for a lovely couple hours of entertainment, tailor-made just for you. New trends, new games, Nintendo, winners and losers and the future of E3 are all up for lengthy and interesting discuss. Episode is here with all the pre-PAX hype to go along with it. In the news, an Australian man creates a major food innovation, Riot lays out some major upcoming changes for its professional scene,. Brandon, Scott, KD, and Hardballer gather together on the couch to talk about the event and share some favorite moments. Episode 55 starts off with a rare treat: This week, Scott is driving to California and left inmates to run the asylum.

We talk about WoW a lot this week as most of the cast has gotten back into the grind. In the news, Steam plans to remove Greenlight in favor of a more direct distribution model, and Gabe hints that Steam will likely bring back p. On this Easter Sunday, we have the full crew here to dive into all sorts of topics. In the news, Epic Games files a lawsuit against Fortnite cheaters,. In the news, AGDQ is currently underway, and Paladins announces a game mode that may sound familiar. Episode of the podcast and we are all jittery with excitement for Extra-Life. NikonPunch to fill the void.

Rant and Twitter questions as per usual.

Raven’s Cry: New & Improved

I’ll put it to good use paying bills and buying terrible games. We also diverge into the potential of VR and some of our most anticipated titles for September 6, PAX Prime has come and gone, so we spent an evening reminiscing about the games we saw, the alcohol we consumed, and more. Ascend, Blacklight and more.

EA dominates the news this week for all the wrong reasons: What news we do have this week includes details about Call of Duty: We hit all the high points on the Xbox One vs. We start off well on that front with Alex returning to the cast, but allsgamnowow lose out with no Nick Fenton this week. A gaming sub for people who wait at least 6 months after release to play a game. We talk illicit Russian drugs, Shadow Warrior and cat ownership to start the cast.


We are unable to find iTunes on your computer. This week the news has us aloshamnowow the extension of the Star Wars Battlefront Beta.

If you want to support me outside of subscribing you can send a tip. The cast returns this week to regale you with tales of beach vacation and mouth-watering steak. New trends, new games, Nintendo, winners and losers and the future of E3 are all up for lengthy and interesting discuss. Can I Run It? Easily the best PC gaming podcast ever conceived. The crew is back again this week to deliver you the PC gaming goods.

Subscribing supports me directly with a few benefits to you: Scott, Dan, John and Nick come together to make podcast magic for you this week; all while not even realizing themselves that it is the three ye. With Brandon and Scott both absent this week, the inmates take over the asylum for our final cast of You might find this video by Do Over Gaming useful, it takes a look at the game’s current state and compares it to when it was first launched. The news also covers a myriad of watcn release news.

Episode 36 is hot and fresh out tha kitchen! Alex talks to us about his history as a modder and gives us some juicy d. Episode is here!


Our podcast has released episodically for years now, but when the new Hitman reboot is announced to take up this release strategy, everyone causes a fuss? Make a multiplayer request as follows: In the news, Wargaming apologizes for threatening a YouTuber with a copyright strike, Far Cry 5 is revealed to take place in Montana. I’m interested in playing it and I think it’s worth playing for that low. We start the cast off talking some Neverwinter which has allshamnowlw taken over most of KBMOD and other games we played this week.

Then we talk Curse of Naxxramas and The Crew. Episode is here, and the full OG crew is back.


Watch Dogs 2 [Part 1] – [AllShamNoWow] —

Episode is an abbreviated podcast coming fresh off the heels of the Bethesda bombshells from E3. If you tip with a different currency than USD you must convert it yourself during the donation process or it will be in a “pending” state and won’t show up on stream.

Episode of the podcast and we are all jittery with excitement for Extra-Life. Episode 41 is here and better than ever!

Don’t say really stupid stuff: We recap our holiday break and then get into what video games we were able to squeeze in. She tells how she got into video games and the. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. In the news, the modding community convinces Rockstar and Take-Two to ease up on single-player mo.

We once again have some esteemed guests for Episode 88 of the podcast: Episode is here with a couple guests: We talk a lot of Wildstar and discuss the headstart woes and what could have been done to prevent them. We go over impressions of H1Z1, Battlefield Hardline. GO among the podcast.

In the news, PlayerUnknown bans a popular streamer for teamkilling. We brought on a few guests you might know wacth laugh and cry with us as we reminisce about some of the amazing moments this podcast has brought over the years. The regular crew gets back together this week for episode Episode is here with not one, but two roundtables. The full crew for two straight weeks?

Thanks for the memories. The news touches on Curse of Naxxramas, Haswell-E details.

The Game Awards have come and gone, and we recount our favorite moments and reflect on the winners of the evening. We talk Metro Last Light, Neverwinter.

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