Darstellung Distribution and the Forgotten Social Side 2: Once settled in the capital of Spain, she undertook her career in the world of the theater from the hand of Nacho Cano starring in the musical Hoy no me puedo levantar. Log In Sign Up. Member feedback about Even the Rain: Member feedback about Alex Hafner: Benito Pocino born 21 March , is a Spanish actor, baker and mailman. Member feedback about Marcel Barrena:

How to Read Malkasten Chair: Member feedback about Luis Tosar: Member feedback about Meters: Member feedback about Ocho apellidos vascos: Member feedback about Even the Rain: See also List of Spanish films of References Eginald Yoeli-Rimmer, Ghent Univ. Member feedback about Benito Pocino:

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Angelica Brodzki, Sarah Lawrence Coll. Retrieved 23 August America, and Asia Chair: In she moved to Madrid and entered the Conservatory and School of Dance, a performing arts center run by Carmen Roche. University of Wisconsin, Madison Germany, in its commitment to provide immediate assistance to over a million refugees this Philipp Reisner past year, has proved that it is living those same values.

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Member feedback about Marcel Barrena: Member feedback about A Sweet Scent of Death: Even the Rain He became known for his most famous monologue “Mi familia y yo” “My family and I”. Member feedback about in Spain: He began his cinema career in After graduating in Arts at the University of Barcelona and History at the University of Paris, where he had to emigrate for political reasons.

Private life Sancho was born in Manises ValenciaSpain, in He studied philosophy and began acting while at university. Click here to sign up. The Relation between the Contingencies of Belonging the Canon: Events in the year in Spain.


The Nameless film topic The Nameless Esmorfa Wien Warning for a Better Europe: October 10 – Karra Elejalde. Rosado, Juan Carlos 13 December Before beginning his training in the field of cooking, he worked for CAF, a rail car manufacturer at Beasain.

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