She used to be a Kim. Can you guys create a notifier or something? Both parents are grateful that Ji Hyun woke up to spend the few remaining days with them. Episode 6 by Helcat. She explains cheekily that Song Yi-kyung is technically one year older than him. Without the accident, Ji Hyun would have used those 49 days before her death to live in happy oblivion the way she always did. I actually love the idea of the schedule come back to life and confess his feeling to YK

Thanks Ockoala once again. She can really do both of the character really good and give the feeling that In Jung really in Yi Kyung body!! I think if one’s sister or brother died, especially if they were on bad terms with them beforehand or was indirectly responsible, than it could most definitely lead to severe depression and guilt for years. And with quiet goodbyes to the staff, she leaves. I really find this frustrating as I want to watch the drama, and not just read the recaps! Ji Hyun calls Scheduler, who is strumming the guitar somewhere, and asks if this cellphone can be used to call people in the real world. In fact, I love it. At the same time, Kang comes outside, where Manager Oh is repotting all the plants.

Laeah April 2, at 4: I loveeee James MacAvoy in the movie! I frequent your website, to get my daily dose of Kdrama. With Min-Ho showing more emotion in the episodes recently, wouldn’t it be such a twist to the drama if Min-Ho were the one to cry for Ji-Hyun instead of Seo woo?

Writer So is definitely an amazing writer and she indeed did crank up her skills. At home, Ghost-Ji-hyun asks Yi-kyung what all this means.

49 Days Episode 6 Recap

He doesn’t have any. I thought it was a unique choice of words by her.

And maybe by the time he is released, he will finally be able to forgive himself. Once they married, my mom took my dad’s last name. There’s something else that got me interested.


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WTH Dramacraz 18, at 1: Yeah it took its sweet sweet time to get there, but when it did. Where can I get one of those? The news just came out of nowhere in the last episode. She turns him down with a sneer, refusing to go with him. I just finished the drama and cried a bucket of tear because of it. Ji Kyung goes to the bakery to see Seo Woo, who looks depressed and out episose it. Ji Hyun looks back and sees her father sobbing as he holds her body.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Or maybe she’s wearing contacts or something?

I really enjoy this drama. Shin Ji Hyun is our Heroine!!!

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In-jung gets the cold shoulder from Min-ho, so she asks Seo-woo to dinner. In Jung asks the other waitress if Yi Kyung is working hard, and is told that Yi Kyung can do whatever she wants since Kang likes her. I think he’s very convincing too as the sneaky bastard with? I need a tutor for kdrama Korean Yi Kyung walks back to the stove.

49 Days Episode 20 Recap

WOW… I also had a feeling that this sort of end was coming. YK is not sleeping during the day, so JH can’t use her drzmacrazy. So JH, you’re not alone! Tho its ws kinda sad ending 4 both d couples bt d msg of d drama is cleared dat we sud appreciate our life when we r alive… Everything ws perfect 4 me except d long lost daugther part beside i lyk d ending dat Kang n Y remain frenz n not as lovers. Oh and would a kind soul please explain slash translate the next ep preview please?

Thanks Ockoala it was great. Kang takes Ji Kyung to task for behaving poorly towards Min Ho. I mentioned earlier that I skipped a couple of scenes because I got bored with the characters saying the same things over and over again.


This means he’s unlikely to have sinus problems, hence he won’t suffer from runny nose allergies. Song Yi Soo help this girl have a chance to live again. During her run, she starts getting chased by the drakacrazy of a ghost, running along beside her, and episofe freaks out.

In giving back his memory earlier, it allowed Yi Soo to change what he wanted to spend his day doing with Yi Kyung. Also that old picture of them as children in sibling like way, it seemed to me. God bless you always po.!

As for the Scheduler- i’m guessing he won’t return to life? Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. LOL Thanks for the recap: The first tear is not hers because all the suspense is gone because Seo Woo has to release a tear since we all know that she loves her sincerely and Kang definitely will release a tear. Email required Address never made public. It’s made more poignant because of S’s soulful look at her, yet at the same time he seems to be suppressing the emotions that are bubbling within him.

Ji Hyun is back home with her parents dramacraay they are enjoying a meal together.

Finally see a major change fpisode game plan! Too coincidal, don’t you think? He asks Manager Oh if Yi-kyung really brought this, and he confirms it, adding that she technically asked him not to say anything.

Also, Li Yo-Won is a strong candidate for lead actress.