Xerxes steps in, with, as Gorgo states, a dark desire for power and revenge. The Athenians ram their ships into the Persian ships, charging at them with full force and fury. The climatic naval Battle of Salamis begins. This leads to another bloody fight with many Persians dying at the hands of the Athenians. Step two you must Create Free Account. Themistocles encounters Dilios David Wenham , who tells him that Leonidas has already begun to lead his men on foot, adding that he already dealt with the emissary sent from Persia. You will be re-directed to Member Login Please wait

Enjoy to watch Themistocles states that he has had no time for a family or children. He urges her to surrender. People die beautifully in slow motion, as the action shifts to naval. Or, it’d alone be amount body a case for for why adaption wants a abandoned bung off. Wrong Username or Password. Artemisia, displeased with the results, has Bandari chained and thrown into the sea where he sinks to his watery grave. Post navigation Watch

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Ten years later in BCXerxes makes plans to lead his army on land through Thermopylae while Artemisia is prepared to ready her navy at sea. Artemisia offers him a chance to join her so that he will not have to live with conflict or responsibility.

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Watch three hundred Acceleration of accessory Empire on-line: The generals think she is disappointed with the loss of her men, but ov admits to being disappointed in them specifically. Themistocles stirs up confidence by encouraging the men to fight with those standing by their side. You will be re-directed to Rise of an Empire p Video Quality Watch From atop the cliffs, the Athenians jump in and continue to slaughter the Persians.

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Artemisia finally collapses, dead, just as Gorgo and Dilios step onto her ship to stand by Themistocles. The Conflict of Artemisium happened at a agnate ride as a aftereffect of the pitched action portrayed in 3 hundred; so Acceleration of amount Empire is arise as getting a three hundred instead of either a authentic assiduity or prequel.


People die beautifully in slow motion, as the action shifts to naval. But Xerxes still reigns supreme in numbers over sea and land. Once again, both Themistocles and Artemisia are set to lead their men into battle. Xerxes emerges with a golden tinge and fiery red eyes, also hairless and a foot taller. Artemisia grabs her sword and says she may be Greek, but her heart is Persian. Themistocles mourns his friend. Themistocles acknowledges that his men may be weary of continuing the fight, knowing they too would refuse to see anymore bloodshed.

She commends his skill during the battle when she takes him into her private chambers.

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Rise of an Empire full movie online streaming with HD quality. FaLang translation system by Faboba. Meanwhile on land, Xerxes and his army have just killed off Leonidas and his Spartans after the brutal three-day Battle of Thermopylae a eise flashback to the previous film. He and Xerxes are joined by Artemisia Eva GreenDarius’s commanding naval officer, said to be as vicious as she is beautiful.

You can watch movies online, download movies, watch He falls off the ship into the spilling tar, sending a wave of fire onto an Athenian ship, but also back onto the Persian ship, causing it to explode. He returns to Sparta to confront Ephialtes Andrew Tiernanthe deformed hunchback that betrayed the Spartans and sold them out to Xerxes.

You can watch Artemisia sends another flaming arrow to hit the back of a Persian with an explosive on his back, just as he climbs onto Themistocles’s ship.

Themistokles himself certainly knows how to kick Persian butt. Themistocles tells Calisto his father’s final words, which was to say that he has earned himself a place at the table he’s ready vipoz fight. Themistocles insists that it is in the best interests of Greece that they fight for the sake of freedom, and so he demands that he be brought the best ships to go into battle.


A concluding chapter in the trilogy seems all but assured. Xerxes holds the head of Leonidas boastfully over the city as his men lay waste to the people and burn noline down.

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The Athenian general Themistocles Sullivan Stapleton led his own army against them at the shores. Sign Up For Free Now! Artemisia pulls the arrow out of his chest to end his suffering. The Greeks brutally and effortlessly take down the invading Persians one by one, paving the way for Themistocles to take aim at Darius, who is watching the massacre of his men from his ship offshore.

She sees a soldier on the ship that she is unfamiliar with. The fight choreography here is at least the equal of. The next day, the Athenians cause the Persians to sail their ships through a crevice, causing the leading ship pnline get stuck and have the other ships crash into it.

Themistocles raises a bow and arrow, ready to commit the act that would make him known as a legend. Post navigation Watch If only the gods can defeat the Greeks, then, she tells him, he omline to become the god king. Themistocles is forced to an unwilling alliance with the traditional rival of Wtch, oligarchic Sparta whose might lies with its superior infantry troops.

Seemingly remorseful for his actions, he does not cower when Themistocles lowers his sword to him, saying that there is little beauty in him, and even less in what he’s done.

Minor characters from the original make welcome returns, thanks to the clever way the screenplay begins before the Battle of the Hot Gates but also extends beyond it.

The limited number of Athenian ships face the huge Persian fleet at the sea in their final battle. He chastises two of her guards for being Greeks working under a woman with Greek blood but a devotion to an enemy nation.